Form 16 Waitangi Tribunal proceedings [PDF, 225 KB] Form 20 Civil legal aid non-fixed fees [PDF, 188 KB] - for cases prior to 1 January 2023.


It is also available from the Leaflets section of. You'll usually need to show that you can.

Legal Aid Online declarations.


Legal aid. Please note - some forms will need to be emailed initially, then scanned and uploaded in support of your applications/requests on LAMS. .


You will have to tell the Court about your finances. In the field of civil justice, pending procedures and proceedings initiated before the end of the transition period will continue under EU law. Fill in the online form setting out your application.

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Use this form where you are making an application using LAA Online.

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You must also say whether the client has previously received a custodial sentence. provider of legal aid services or specified legal services under section 77 of the Legal Services Act 2011.

CRM14: criminal legal aid application form; Legal aid: crime eForm; CRM1: collect client details in legal aid cases; Apply for legal aid; Civil legal aid.
Show the nature of the case here, by ticking the appropriate box.
The e-Justice Portal, on the basis of a mutual agreement with the UK, will maintain the relevant information related to the United Kingdom until the end of 2024.

You'll usually need to show that you can.

The effect of rules 12.

. Legal advice includes any oral or written advice provided by a solicitor or barrister. Submitting the completed forms electronically or on paper, sending them to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) You will need to provide details of your income, savings.

Civil legal aid financial assessment forms. . . . .


5 Documentation required to make an application 33 3. Legal Aid Online declarations.




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Mental health Legal Aid form.