What Does Rope Grab Mean? A rope grab is a deceleration device that is part of a personal fall arrest system (PFAS).

Put your roofing harness on. Vertical lifelines require active participation by the worker, who must often.

rope grab that is used primarily for climbing a rope by gripping the rope when loaded in one direction and sliding freely in the opposite direction.


Rope Lifeline 019-7007 & 019-7008 Vertical Rope Lifeline Integral 3’Extension Lanyard Fall Arrester (Rope Grab) Shock Pack Snap Hook Plastic Thimble Eye Snap Hook Installation and Use 1. These are the most common out of the group, just attach the rope grab to the lifeline rope and connect your separate shock absorbing lanyard to the O-ring and the other end to your back D-ring. .

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The same document defines a self-retracting. . .

You’ll also get a galvanized steel snap hook,. .


It also includes a self-locking carabiner.

23(d)(8) The minimum size (cross-section) of grab bars is the same size as the rungs of the ladder. .

Most sizeable industrial control companies sell these devices, including OMRON/STI, Pilz, Rockwell Allen-Bradley, Schmersal, Siemens, Telemecanique, etc. (7.

RESTRAINT: The rope grab is used as part of a restraint.

Employers must ensure that wire rope and wire-rope slings: 1915.


Access, Work Space, and Work Areas §3270. 23 (a) (2) Designed into or is an integral part of machines or. .

. 66 and 1926. 13. 14, ANSI Z359. 112 (b) (3) When U-bolt wire rope clips are used to form eyes, employers must use Table G–1 in § 1915.


A rope grab usually employs the principle of inertial locking, cam/level locking, or both. Maximum permissible free fall is six feet.

Rope grab to attach the lanyard to the lifeline; Adequate anchorage connectors and anchorage capable of supporting a load as determined by the jurisdiction.

132, before an employee uses a fall protection system, the employer must ensure that he or she is trained in the proper use of the system.


(e) Employee training considerations.